Pet recycling process - Serbia

pet-collecting pet-sorting pet-washing
Purchase and transport: We are buying and collecting used PET bottles from the individual collectors and local depots which are packing them into pressed cubes. After the arrival to the factory, we are separating the bottles from the other types of plastic. In the first part of the recycling drive we are sorting the bottles according to their color and composition and removing the labels (where possible). The caps and cap rings (those made of polypropylene) are separated and also recycled. Washing and grinding: The bottles are being washed in order to remove the remaining surface contamination and other incompatible polymer that are later found floating in on the surface of the water during the process commonly called ‘process of swimming and sinking’. PET is heavier than water, so it will sink; the remaining materials will float, which makes it easy to collect them and put them aside. During the PET washing phase, the caps and labels made of PP or HDPE will also float and enable us easy removal.
pet-shreding pet-drying pet-cooling
Shredding: After washing, the bottles are being shredded and shaped into PET flakes. The flakes are then dried and stored in a silo, to be directed into compactor and extruder. The product we receive is a recycled spaghetti shaped material. After cooling and drying, the regranulate is packed into jumbo bags, ready to be used for the production of new PET products. The final product, clean PET often called the recycled PET or abbreviated rPET, is sold to the manufacturers and used for production of plastic products such as: mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags, carpets or fillings for jackets and covers. The thin plastic has good isolation features and is also used for roof isolation. In 2012., more rPET will be used for the production of PET beverage containers. This system is known as "Bottle to bottle recycling".

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