PET Reciklaza Serbia - references

PET Reciklaza is purchaser of plastic waste, recycler and manufacturer of PET flakes.

As PET purchaser, in order to be ready at anytime to deliver our customers required quantities of PET flakes, we formed network of PET collectors what allows us to always have sufficient stock of raw materials for recycling. Our suppliers are communal services, recyclables waste yards, producers of PET containers, producers of beverages: juices, beer, or water, waste depots and individual collectors.

 PET Reciklaza buyers

PET reciklaza is PET flakes manufacturer and seller. We produce high-quality, 100% pure PET recycling products, required all over the world. We export all produced spots because there is no factory in Serbia which would further process them. Look at the list of our main clients.


If you wish to find out more about our factory or have any questions for us, please send mail to Our professional team of employees is available for you anytime.