PET flakes prices

hot-washed-pet-flakes milled-preformes milled-caps-labels white-polypropilene PET-flakes-3mm
Hot-washed PET flakes Milled PET preforms (tubes) Milled caps and labels PolyPropylene - caps HDPE milled postconsumer bottles
transparent 749 EUR
transparent 850 EUR

249 EUR

399 EUR

399 EUR

blue 699 EUR blue 750 EUR
green 569 EUR green 670 EUR
brown 499 EUR brown 630 EUR
opaque mix 499 EUR   
  • Prices are in per ton, EXW PET Reciklaza Merosina, average cost of transport from Merošina to Europe 1250€ per 22 ton truck, to China 1600$ per container
  • Average weight of loaded jumbo bag is 1,1 T
  • Pet flakes are with 0 PVC, for latest lab specification click here

·         PET Reciklaza recycle PET bottles collected from own network of 11 collection points and sorting line on municipal waste yard of Niš collecting paper, pet, hdpe, pe and pp.

·         Annualy we export 5000 tons of pet flakes to Europe and China, please check our Customer References

·         For latest quatation fill the form or send e-mali to