Milled caps and labels

The availability of the raw materials

Caps and labels are available in all colors

The use of PET recycling products

Milled cups and labels are the side products of the PET recycling process and are available in all colors. After the separation of labels from caps, products can be used for the production of all polypropylene products: buckets, pails, containers, hangers, etc

caps pet-bottles milled-caps-labels milled-caps-labels-packed
Raw material - caps and labels Raw material - PET bottles Milled cups and labels Packed milled cups and labels

Sale conditions

The delivery of the merchandise is EXV PET Reciklaza, Merošina after 100% advance payment.
Also, the delivery can be with our shipment (DDU - Delivery Duty) after 100% advance payment, but in that case the product price increases for transport costs.

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Minimum sale quantities:

  • 500 kg for testing purposes
  • 1.000 kg in commercial purposes

Other PET recycling products for sale:

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Send us the product name that you want to order, quantities and your personal data to e-mail office@petreciklaza.comfill the form or call +381-63-466-486 to make a purchase by phone.
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